UNIVERGE IP Desktop Phones

DT800 Series


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Feature-Packed Functionality

The DT800 series desktop phone developed specifically for NEC's UNIVERGE SV9000 Series communications platforms enable greater workplace productivity through tailored programming of feature choices. The result is a custom fit based on each employee’s core responsibilities within the organization.


          DT800 Lineup

         DT820 Lineup

Achieve a Premier Multimedia Experience

  • Customizable to meet employees’ specific communications needs

  • Will support a wide-range of applications which can help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity

  • Deliver maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection

  • Supports XML open interface

  • Easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual

  • Bluetooth connection adapter which enables users to receive and place calls through either their smart device or desktop phone(available for DT830 only)

  • Comes with options for the visually impaired such as audio key action feedback and large character display(available for DT830 only)