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Are you looking for a world-class networked camera solution with highly integrated secure storage and AI-based facial recognition systems to assist us

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Hight Resolution CCTV | IP Camera

Today's world is highly relying on video for almost everything, no longer we believe unless we see, form small private home to the biggest airport we see cameras in any form, even in our mobile phones.

There no world without cameras anymore.

We at NECWORKS works with you to build suitable networked camera solutions to enhance your experience or productivity.

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Home CCTV camera solutions

Protect your home

Aleram when the blacklisted person appears

Our cameras include a basic version of face recognition algorithms to spot and alert interest... 

Protect your door


Know who entered your premises

Business CCTV | IP Camera solutions

Every business needs auditing

Every business needs to know what happened

Having a record of any incidents is vital for optimizing business performance, Install Cameras... 

Here what was told with Video

Having video is no just enough for some business so we integrate professional audio pickups...

Store in the cold and locally to have a secure backup.

One solution may not fit for all, so we have both locally connect storage systems and cloud options or both.

We have installed and maintaining some of the network camera systems in the Middle East & Asia to protect and monitor some of the highest value assets.