MyCalls Agent Control

Call centre management made easy for your agents

A real-time snapshot of all personal call activity including agent status, call history plus a mini wallboard of group activity

MyCalls Agent Control

Agent Control provided by MyCalls Call Centre is a two-way process. Not only does it provide the essential information for supervisors to maintain call-handling service levels, it also empowers agents with greater exibility to deal with call traffic.

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An Agent Control toolbar on every agent’s desktop enables them to log in and out of ACD queues and display their current status. Because call queues are visible on screen or plasma display, agents can often enter other queues on their own initiative to lend support to hard pressed colleagues.

Agent status Conditions such as Available, Wrap Up (handling after call activity) or natural break and other business-speci c reasons can be selected from the toolbar. Supervisors can add these reasons, for example, some agents may be required to spend time picking parts to ful l orders they have taken earlier.

This exibility helps a team work with greater e ciency, especially where sta resources are limited. Because the di erent work states are always speci ed in real time, it enables supervisors to maintain more e ective control over service levels and to run extremely accurate reports on agent activity.

Key benefits

Flexible working – Empowering agents to log in and out of service enables any organisation to make better use of limited sta resources.

Better Management Control – Busy managers save time because user-de ned controls & alerts are only triggered when exceptions occur to de ned service standards.

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