MyCalls Basic

Making call management easier

MyCalls Basic is free for NEC SL1000 & SV9100 for the first 12 months.

MyCalls Basic

The entry-level version of MyCalls is free for NEC SL1000 & SV9100 for the first 12 months. It provides a wealth of valuable information, in particular, a real-time view of call activity in easy to view screen displays.

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MyCalls logs every call made to and from your system, including missed or abandoned calls, which can mean dissatis ed customers and lost sales. A wealth of important information is stored about call activity, for example source and destination telephone numbers; duration of calls; time of calls; extension activity and caller waiting times.

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MyCalls Basic provides valuable information about:

• How many calls received

• How many calls abandoned

• How many calls waiting to be answered

• How many calls made

• How many staff available to answer calls

• Conversation length and more

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The on-screen display can highlight a range of call activity statistics - virtually as they happen. For example, cumulative daily totals of incoming, outgoing or abandoned calls and average time taken to answer calls. The display is easily customised to draw attention to business-critical call information.

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The detailed call log enables MyCalls to provide a limited number of simple reports that help monitor and manage performance. For example, information about peak-time call volumes enables sta levels and trunks to be matched to customer demand.

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Key benefits

Enhance Productivity – Statistical data enables sta ng levels to be matched to peak call volumes.

Control Costs – Comprehensive information about call activity helps prioritise remedial action.

Target Productivity Gains – Real-time views of daily call activity and some basic reports highlight pro table areas for investigation.