MyCalls Call Recorder

Simple, secure call recording with advanced call analytics

Equips MyCalls Call Manager and MyCalls Call Centre with full call recording capability. Calls are recorded securely, encrypted and easily accessed.

MyCalls Call Recorder

Call recording is essential for any organisation. It provides undisputable facts about every call that can be used to resolve disputes quickly and e ectively, to improve customer service, to review and re ne call handling performance or simply because it is a legal requirement.

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Secure : Recording rules and secure encryption satisfy current rules on safe storage of customer information, including PCI DSS standards. Access authority levels can be set to suit organisational needs, backed by a comprehensive audit trail that logs all access to recordings. Normally, all calls are recorded, although recording rules enable speci c extensions to be excluded, for example, a director’s telephone.

Quick Search & Export: Recorded calls are quick and easy to locate, using di erent criteria, for example telephone number, extension, date, etc. Notes can also be added to the call details and searches made using speci c key words. All calls that match the search criteria are presented in a dedicated playback list. Recordings can be exported singly or in bulk as WMA or WAV files.

Sound clips can also be extracted and exported from long or con dential calls. Encrypted calls are saved to the database automatically and are easily archived to disc or other storage devices.

Advanced Playback:  Call playback controls follow a familiar format with play, pause and fast forward/ rewind. However, for detailed analysis the player has some special features including playback speed control; looping; stereo waveforms; call markers and mark-up notes.

Key benefits:

Secure Access – Recording, playback & storage are totally secure with rapid call identi cation.

Take credit card payments – Stop/Start recording for security compliancy with credit card payments over the phone.

Intuitive Search – Makes calls quick and easy to locate.

Detailed Call Analysis – Advanced controls help pinpoint key details quickly and accurately.

Easy Export – Flexible export options make recordings quick and easy to incorporate into di erent media.

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