MyCalls Desktop

Cost savings with slicker call control

An excellent add-on to MyCalls Basic and MyCalls Call Manager, providing the caller with instant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information

MyCalls Desktop

Effective call handling takes time. If less time is spent collecting the basic information to handle the call, such as accessing a customer record on a financial database or even locating and dialling the number, more time can be spent with the customer or more calls can be handled each day.

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Screen-pops : MyCalls Desktop works together with your CRM when a call is taken. Information about the caller is automatically screen-popped, signi cantly reducing call handling times, productivity and the customer experience. Compatible with MS Outlook and almost all other CRMs due to its exible integration capabilities.

Productivity : Productivity features like Free Dialling enable users to dial a number in any application, e.g. a website, simply by clicking on it, which reduces the incidence of misdials.

Time management : The time savings and productivity gains soon add up. Just 15 to 20 seconds per call in a busy organisation could amount to more than 40 hours a month. How much could that be worth to your business?

Key features & benefits

Full call control – Real-time views of other extension activity (Busy Lamp Field) from the desktop simpli es all telephone functions & saves time on basics like dialling & call transfer.

NEW! Presence – Provides bird’s eye view of your colleagues status and availability.

Speeds Work ow – Callers are identi ed immediately, with screen-popped access to database records for faster, warmer, more e cient service.

NEW! IM (Instant Messaging) – Ideal for urgent communications and quick responses.

Action buttons – Create your own customizable shortcuts to websites, frequently used documents, service codes and speed dials - everything you need for a call is within clicking distance!

NEW! MyCalls Desktop Lite FREE with every SV9100 - a slimmed down version of MyCalls Desktop – this o ers similar functionality bar, presence and 10 as opposed to 1000 DSS (Speed Dial & Busy Lamp Field) keys.

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