MyCalls Operator Console

Slick and efficient call control at the hub of your company communications

For your receptionist or main operator assisting with giving an efficient, professional call handling service from using a company dashboard.

MyCalls Operator Console

For many companies the receptionist or operator plays a pivotal role in the day to day running of the business. Your receptionist often provides the first contact your customers experience, needs to be organised, professional and friendly whilst dealing with heavy call traffic.

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MyCalls Operator Console makes e cient, professional call handling achievable with a highly visual interface for ease of use. Like a company dashboard, all calls are presented clearly along with Caller ID, phonebook information and any previous handling.

Call Control

Active calls

Calls Waiting

Transferred Calls

Parked Calls

Company Directory

Presence Status for all users

Speed Dials

Calls can be answered in any order, from queues, using drag and drop simplicity, while VIP callers are easily prioritised. Other time savers include speed dials, click to email and Instant Messaging for a sharper response.

Presence status provide a real-time snapshots of user’s availability, and calls can be directed according to their status. Everything is geared around user e ciency to create a seamless customer experience. For larger organisations multiple operators can work simultaneously and across multiple sites.

Key benefits

Professional call handling for single or multiple operators

Intuitive user interface for ease of use

Drag and drop calls from any number of queues

Presence – incl. ability to change other users profiles

Direct calls to users based on their Presence settings

Wrap-up mode

VIP caller priority

Automated reporting

Click to email / IM

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