NEC SL1000

Product has been replaced by SL2100

Dial-in 16-party conference bridgeVoicemail with email notification officer-level functionality for your remote/office workers simple tools to create call groups

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NEC SL1000 Mian KSU

IP4WW-1632M-A KSU The Main or controlling KSU is shipped fully assembled.

• CPU with main software (CPU-A1)

• Power supply (110V/240V)

• 1 External backup battery connector

• 3 mounting spaces for 408E/008E/000E/1PRIU (3rd Slot of each KSU cannot use for 4-Wire Multiline Telephone or DSS Console.)

• 4 trunks + 8 hybrid Ext. I/F (408M-A1)

• 1 power failure transfer circuit

• 1 slot for EXIFB-C1

• 2 general purpose relay

• SLT ringer

• Message waiting lamp driver

• One built-in answering circuit (VRS) The onboard DSP provides:

• 20 telephony resources (DTMF/Dial tone/Busy tone/FSK caller-ID receiver/sender)

• 128 tone sender resources (System tones sender/DTMF sender)

• 32 ch conference resources

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BE110264 IP4WW-24TXH-A-TEL (BK) 4-wire, 24-key Multiline Telephone

• Programmable keys: 24

• LCD: 16 digits x 2 lines

• Handsfree: Half-duplex

• Backlit dial pad: No

• Angle Adjustment: 2-steps

• Wall-Mounting kit: Built-in

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BE110282 IP4WW-60D DSS-A Console (BK) 60-button Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console

IP4WW-60D DSS-A The DSS console gives a multiline terminal user a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and one-button access to extensions, trunks, and system features. Mainly designed for operator use, the 60-button DSS console provides an additional 60 programmable keys.

• Connect this console to extension port No. 8 at 408M/408E/008E of each KSU.

• Programmable keys: 60

• Angle Adjustment: 2-steps

• Wall-Mounting kit: Built-in