NEC SL2100 SL2100 Communication System 

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The SL2100 system is a progression from SL1000/SL1100 system and is newly provide a legacy and IP communication system for All-In-One Small Box to support Small and Medium Business with easy
installation and easy operation.

Chassis/CPU and Boards For Chassis Expand
This is one common chassis used for the Controlling (Main) chassis or Expansion chassis, A maximum of three chassis (one controlling and two expansion chassis) can be connected by bus connection. And support four chassis (one controlling and three expansion chassis) by IP connection
to expand the system capacity. 
The following are included with the chassis.

  •  Four universal slots

  •  One CPU/EXIFE slot

  •  Power Supply with Backup Battery Circuit

  •  One connector for External Backup Battery

  •  Back Plane Board (one connecter for CPU/EXIFE slot,
    four connecters for Option Board slots)

  • AC Cable: AC125V, 7A

IP7[ ]-CPU-C1 
The CPU-C1 board is installed into the CPU/EXIFE Slot in the Controlling Chassis and controls all the functions and operations of the SL2100 system using the system software loaded into the CPU-C1 
memory. One CPU-C1 board must be installed in the Controlling Chassis. 
The CPU-C1 provides; 
• Built-In 8ch VoIP Resources 
• Built-In 4ch VRS/VM (InMail) capability 
• 2 hours VRS/VM (InMail) storage without SD Card 
• Four clients of Mobile Extension 
• Maximum Four participants of Web Video Conference 
• One Voice Prompt of VRS/VM (InMail) as default 
- Default Language: US English 
• One VoIPDB daughter board connector 
• One Ethernet (100M) port (RJ45) 
• One EXIFB daughter board connector 
• One SD Card slot (for expand VRS/VM storage)

Using a Cat5 cable, EXIFB-C1 board mount onto the CPU-
C1 board is individually connected to each EXIFE-C1 board

(on Expansion Chassis)
• VRS/VM (InMail) channels expansion (Up to 16ch)
• Additional 48 Telephony resources (DTMF/Dial tone/Busy
tone/FSK caller-ID receiver/sender)
• Support Analog Modem (V.34)

The EXIFE-C1 board is installed into the CPU/EXIFE slot on
the Expansion Chassis.
• Additional 32 telephony resources (DTMF/Dial tone/Busy
tone/FSK caller-ID receiver/sender) for Expansion Chassis
• One Bus connectors for Main Chassis (RJ61)

IP4WW-Battery Box
Connected to each Chassis power supply, the external
backup battery provides DC power in case a loss of AC
power occurs. An optional (locally procured), external battery
source can be used to provide power during a power failure.
• Connect this box to the power supply at each Chassis.
• Wall/floor-mountable
• Backup duration is approximately one hour per chassis.
• Battery itself is local procure.
(12 V, 7 AH x 2 pcs of GS Yuasa NP7-12)