KLN116M-3TB Telephone Call Recording Server for 16 line


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Telephone call recording server


KLN Professional Network Server for Phone recording

Offers many value-added enterprise-grade advantages such as

Non PC base, special design embedded Network Server, provide robust, energy-saving, virus immunity 24H reliable operation.

Web base user interface, easy configuration and administration from Internet or Intranet, no any admin PC software install require, admin from any PC, notebook, Mac PC, Smart phone, PAD by browser.

Depend on the recording time space require, selectable internal storage disk from USB or HDD disk, from 2GB to 3TB.

User-friendly Web UI and compact design allow simple and rapid deployment.

Recorded files can be automatic backup to external HDD through USB port or network storage device.

KLN series is a digital call recording server that provides unattended,high-quality digital recording of voice and call data. Thousands hours of telephone conversation can be recorded and played back instantly from local or remote PC, PAD, Smart phone with web browser. KLN series servers can provide four to sixteen recording channels depending on the user’s requirement. Its innovative and rich functions are suitable to improve the operation of today’s enterprises, such as stock trading, mail/TV order, public safety, military and government. With the compact profile design, it is prefect choose for SOHO users and enterprises.

Unlike other vendor use general-purpose PC and Windows, KLN series recording server is based on powerful 32-bit network RISC and DSP chip dedicated hardware and software design. The overall solution is with great reliability and virus immunity to prevent hacking.

Easy Installation, Voltage/Sound/DTMF trigger record KLN series is built-in high-impedance interface which does not affect the call quality of the taping telephone or on the PSTN line, it can set trigger recording by line voltage, sound volume, or DTMF key automatically Easy to retrieve recorded wave files by combine search term User can easy to sort out interesting recorded wave files by combine the search term of date, time, call in or out, number, duration, departmental and extension number. After user input search condition, KLN series will display how many records matched, once user accept the result, KLN series can generate an offline homepage include CDR main page and wave files to allow user easy to portable and offline browse.

e-Mail alert

KLN series server will send alert email to users (up to 3 users) to notify abnormal events happen like: long time no recording, Hard disk & USB backup device almost full…

TCP/IP and RS-232 SMDR ports

Get Call Detail Records (CDR) included Time, Date, Call Duration, Number dialed, Caller ID information, Extension, Line/trunk location, Call completion status from PBX’s TCP/IP or RS-232 SMDR(Station Message Detail Recording) port. KLN series will combine the SMDR data and recorded wave files to data base for user’s querying. KLN built-in SMDR editor can help user elected from the list of existing PBX vendor and models, or easily define SMDR parsing grammar format customization.

Real-time Online Monitor by Web Browser

User can login the KLN by Internet browser to see how many lines are talking, and click to listen real time conversation on the phone call.


Telephone recording system is usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation never shut down. Therefore, low-power becomes a very important consideration. Compare to other PC base recording system, KLN series at full loading only requires 12VDC/2A external power adaptor. It is with great saving at least 80% of the energy.

Web Administrator 

User Interface More than one administrators and users can use any Internet browser of PC, MAC,NB, PAD Smart phone to configure KLN server and access recorded files simultaneously. It is more compatibility and maximum convenience rather than installs any client software.

The KLN server provides users the freedom to monitor and operate the system from Internet or Intranet browser. The server also keeps the access log for records.